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American Accent Course

We are a specialized Institute Mall culture in language teaching, has started an educational trust of the year 1915, participating in various educational activities. About us Pragyaanam is a training school does not teach, but to train and educate people to personal and professional success. We offer the best quality. About me below is a brief summary of my teaching experience. (1) my personality is very outgoing, love, communication, interaction 2 dimensions) that I teach. On me it's easy to learn a dedicated effort of 2 teacher/trainer diploma, 5 years of experience in the field. Education is our passion and we immensely. On me, you my post graduate in human resources, and has more than 6 years of american accent classes in mumbai experience. Companies are currently working with one of the major IT services. I have. I am Patricia and I have a lot of experience and expertise as a specialist with over 12 + years on quality of experience in various fields. I am an expert. For me, I started my career in education in 2006. I've been training for almost 8 years and I'm training, I know how to share. The formation is. .